Cocktail Sierra Edition

Cocktail Sierra Edition 10.9.1 | Mac OS X | 3 MB. 

Cocktail is a general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day


* Automatically check SMART disk health status
* Enable or disable logging
* Repair disk permissions
* Reset permissions on the home directory and access control lists
* Set the sleep drive (spindown)
* Enable or disable the Sudden Motion Sensor

* Run the periodic maintenance scripts
* Cleaning inactive memory and optimize the use of virtual memory
* Enable or disable virtual memory swapping
* Management Spotlight indexing
* Erase codes Spotlight
* Change Time Machine preferences
* Rebuild Launch Services database
* Change the startup mode, or set the start-up delay
* The strength of the empty basket
* Mute start
* Disable Notification Center

* Clear the cache system
* Clear cache user
* Clear cache fonts
* Clear virtual memory pagefile
* Clear temporary files
* Clear Internet cache
* Clear Cookies, download lists, form values ​​and history files
* Clear cache Adobe Flash Player and cookies
* Search corrupted file settings
* Delete unnecessary localization
* Clean and manage (view, print and save) the log files
* Clear the DNS cache
* Delete files invisible DS Store
* Delete locked or inaccessible items

* Changing the speed, duplex, and MTU network cards
* It is easy to optimize the network settings for common types of connection
* Change the IP configuration settings
* Configure built (File Sharing) OS X file server

* Customize the appearance and the possibility of Finder, Dock, a login window, and other system services
* Change hidden settings Safari, Mail, Itunes, and QuickTime X
* Setting the default file save location in the allowed application ICloud

Requires: MacOSX 10.12 or Later
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Mantenimiento avanzado de Mac OS X
Cocktail es, como indica su nombre, un cóctel de acciones de mantenimiento y optimización que mejoran el rendimiento de Mac OS X.

En Cocktail encontrarás las tareas básicas de mantenimiento que el propio sistema realiza periódicamente, pero que en ocasiones no es así por estar programadas a horas intempestivas. Hablamos de los scripts de mantenimiento (diario, semanal y mensual) y del análisis SMART.

Nombre: Cocktail Sierra Edition
Versión: 10.9.1
Idioma: Inglés
Versión OS: 10.12 o superior
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